Aug 06

Just like a parent; just like our Father

How You number the hairs on my head is amazing;
Being a parent myself now I understand how you safeguard every freckle and every blemish,
Every bruise and sore I receive you feel it too,
Chastening me while comforting me simultaneously;
Just as a parent does.
I hurt, You hurt
I cry, You cry
I blame You, You blame me, for not asking permission,
Yeah but, No but,
No but, yeah but
The Truth is I didn’t listen
But I’m the one who’s angry
It obviously wasn’t my fault
But it obviously is,
Im ashamed now and need to apologise
I behaved so immature
But You welcome me with open arms
Accept my apology and ask me not to do it again.
Just like a parent does.

Makes me realise that the gift of parent hood is what our father had and blessed us with that feeling of unconditional love; like he has for us.

When we are cautioning our or telling our children off because they do something that we do not expect of them, just like our father does. Sometimes we watch our children struggle, cry or fall down so that we can see them conquer, smile and pick themselves up; just like our father does.

Jun 19

Today I’m grateful for….

The knowledge that God doesn’t make mistakes

Jun 18

Today I’m grateful for…

A fully functional body… Don’t take it for granted…. Glory be to God

Jun 15

Today I’m grateful for…

My family and their lives… Praise God

Jun 13

Things I’m thankful for

I’m thankful for the grace of being alive and for the lives of my loved ones

Apr 17


How ungrateful can I be

Always thinking about myself and things around me

Oh How selfish I can be

How can I say I am sad or unhappy, when

I am alive, I am healthy

So why should I be upset?

Why is this a ‘bad day’?

After all, there is still oxygen in the air and the world still revolves right?

But my day was bad because I missed my train….

What gives me the right or the audacity to complain

After all, my heart still beats doesn’t it.

There are people who have no home, no food, deteriorating health

And because I had a ‘bad day’ I use the Lords name in vain… smh

Human beings are malnutritioned and starved due to the lack of food

Yet me being full find reason to starve myself.

Those who are being persecuted for serving the Lord rejoice in his presence,

But me, a free bird; find it difficult to rejoice because I’m too busy being free.

What a self centered, ungrateful and ‘always searching for a reason to find fault in our lives’ kind of people.

When I think of people in a worse situation than I am praising the Lord

I feel ashamed because with my able bodied, live and healthy self I don’t glorify HIM enough.

He has made me without fault or error

Yet those less fortunate than me are more grateful than I

My heart bleeds with guilt

My chest pangs with shame

To realise How selfish I am

Selfish I have been, self-centered, self-consumed, self obsessed

What an ungrateful self I have been.

I can only pray that the Lord forgives me

For I am human

But that He also opens my eyes to see how fortunate I am

Especially to forgive me for all my Self-ish-ness

I also pray that I realise the value of my own life through his love towards us

For him to strengthen us, so that we proclaim His name above every obstacle that comes along.

I will not be drawn down by the strife and troubles of the world

For I have no need to worry or trouble

I will put myself in the Lords hands

And pray for others before myself

My worrying will not add a cubit to His measure

So I am safe in His hands.

Let me say this prayer:

Lord Forgive me and humble me

When I exalt myself before my brothers and sister, soften my heart

So that I put others before myself.

Free me from vanity, release me from myself.

Open my eyes to see beyond what I look at in the mirror

So that I can see more of the me you made me to be.

Apr 05


I come into His presence, with a host of imperfections

I want to be like HIM,

but when I look at my reflection I dont see HIM I see all my imperfections.

Unholiness, ungodliness, my human flesh

toiled and spoiled

used and brused

weak and feeble

Sharp as needle

Peircing holes into my hair, head, heart, hips and heels

So that I leak out goodness out of every spore and hole.

Not enough goodness is kept within so I become engrossed in my sin

it rules me,it governs me, I become my sin.

I’m locked into imperfection for what seems like an eternity

There’s is no way out, Im trapped

But what about HIM, yes HIM

He died for my sins, so technically im free,

I’m free, untied and unbound from my reflection

Because of HIM, my reflection

It is to HIM I owe it all,

My heart, my body and my soul

HE is my everything, 

HE makes me whole and washes me

To make me clean, taking away my iniquity.

Now I come before your presence and still see imperfection

But I am not defeat because I know that 

My emergence from a caterpillar to a butterfly is not yet complete

I always remember that HE loves me and died for me

now that is my perfection.

I wrote this a few years ago, but its still very relevant in my life. I hope you like and are encouraged. 

Apr 05

quote Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair

— Marcus Mosiah Garvey